Randy’s Short Stop

South Lineville – Routine inspection conducted on 08-03-2023.


  1. Potentially hazardous foods, cheese and sliced tomatoes, no held at 41 degrees or below. PHFs must be kept above 135 degrees or below 41 degrees to prevent bacterial growth.
  2. Ready to eat PHF, soft serve ice cream in deep freeze, not dated. Ready to eat PHFs must be marked to prevent spoilage. Corrected on site.
  3. Raw meats stored above ready to eat food in reach in freezer. Raw meats should be stored below ready to eat foods to prevent contamination by drippage. Corrected on site.

Non-critical: None observed.

South Lineville – Follow-up inspection conducted on 08-25-2023.

Critical: None observed. Previous violations corrected.

Non-critical: None observed.