Crazy Horse Cafe

Routine inspection conducted on 06-27-2024.


  1. Sanitizer strength insufficient. Sanitizer strength should be strong enough to ensure sanitation/decontamination of utensils, etc.


  1. Noodles uncovered on bottom shelf in pantry area. Food should be covered, separated, and protected from contamination. – Corrected on site
  2. Frozen chicken thawing on counter. Meats should be thawed in the refrigerator, in the sink in cool water, or in the microwave to prevent contamination. -Corrected on site
  3. Damaged walls, floor tiles, and ceilings. Physical facilities shall be maintained and in good repair.
  4. Ice scoop stored on top of ice machine, not in designated container. Equipment shall be stored properly to prevent contamination. – Corrected on site