Casey's General Store #1092

Princeton – Routine inspection conducted on 09-26-2018.


  1. Self-service microwave has large amount of spillage and splash. Food contact surfaces shall be washed, rinsed and sanitized as often as necessary to keep them clean. Corrected during inspection.


  1. Box of product stored on floor of walk-in freezer, box of donut boxes and box of cold cups on floor of store room. Food and food-related items shall be stored at least six inches off of floor to protect from contamination. Corrected during inspection.
  2. The following non-food contact surfaces are in need of cleaning: splash areas of half and half dispenser, splash areas of iced coffee machine, donut case, front and handle of Menumaster, coffee counter, inside of walk-in freezer (ice buildup – will recheck at next regular inspection). Corrected during inspection.
  3. Wiping cloths laying out. Wiping cloths shall be stored on sanitizer bucket (for quaternary ammonia) between uses. Corrected during inspection.
  4. Drain is very slow at three-compartment sink. Plumbing shall operate efficiently. Note: Maintenance has been notified and will respond.