Crazy Horse Cafe

Mercer – Routine inspection conducted on 08-10-2020.


  1. Can opener and inside of microwave have food residue buildup. Food contact surfaces shall be washed, rinsed, and sanitized as often as necessary to keep them clean. Corrected during inspection.


  1. No towels at hand sink in waitress station. Hand sink shall be adequately supplied. Corrected during inspection.
  2. Large chest freezers are in disrepair (but working). Equipment shall be maintained in good repair.
  3. Single service items are stored improperly. Single service items shall be stored so as to prevent contacts with areas that touch food or lips. Corrected during inspection.
  4. No test kit for sanitizer. Test strips shall be used to check sanitizing solution strength. Corrected during inspection.
  5. Wall has peeling area and linoleum in kitchen has tears and holes. Physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.
  6. Wiping cloths on prep surfaces not stored in sanitizer. Wiping cloths shall be stored in sanitizing solution between uses. Corrected during inspection.
  7. Two unlabeled spray bottles. Bottles shall be labeled as to contents. Corrected during inspection.
  8. Floors under equipment and in store room are debris-laden. There is a buildup of grease behind grill and fryer areas. Fan in kitchen is dirty. Physical facilities shall be kept in clean condition.