South Lineville – Routine inspection conducted on 01-31-2020.


  1. None.


  1. No towels at hand sink. Hand sink shall be adequately supplied with paper towels dispensed in a sanitary manner. Corrected during inspection. 
  2. Boxes of product stored on floor of walk-in freezer. Food and food-related items shall be stored at least six inches off of floor.
  3.  Foil lining several surfaces in kitchen. Surfaces shall be smooth, easily cleanable, non-absorbent and not lined with contact paper or foil. Corrected during inspection.
  4. Thermometer missing in mini-fridge in kitchen. Each cooling unit shall contain a visible and accurate thermometer.
  5. Single-service aluminum pans being reused. Single-service items shall be used only once. Corrected during inspection.
  6. Floors in walk-in cooler and freezer have debris. Physical facilities shall be maintained in clean condition.