Princeton R-V School

Princeton – Routine inspection conducted on 04-08-2019.

Critical violations: None.

Non-critical violations:

  1. Unlabeled spray bottle in ware washing area. Spray bottles shall be labeled as to contents. Corrected during inspection.
  2. Numerous boxes of product on floor of walk-in freezer (recent deliveries). Food and food-related items shall be stored at least six inches off of floor to protect from contamination. Corrected during inspection.
  3. Gaps around bottom of doors in mechanical/store room. Outer openings shall be tightly sealed so as to prevent the entry of rodents or pests.
  4. Floors in need of cleaning under ware washing equipment, under wire shelving in pantry, and in mechanical/store room. Physical facilities shall be maintained in clean condition.
  5. Floor peeling and collecting debris under spray/garbage sink in ware washing area. Bottom of exit door in kitchen is rusting and peeling. Physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.