Princeton R-V School

Princeton – Routine inspection conducted on 04-08-2019.


  1. Raw sausage thawing over ready-to-eat condiment cups. Raw protein foods shall be stored separately and below ready-to-eat foods so as to prevent contamination. Corrected during inspection.


  1. Outer surfaces of ice machine are in need of cleaning. Non-food contact surfaces shall be clean to sight and touch.
  2. Vents over stove and in hood have accumulation of dust and lint. Floors under equipment in ware washing area are in need of cleaning. Physical facilities shall be maintained in clean condition.

Note: With the reopening of the salad bar, extra diligence and oversight is required to assure students and teachers, if serving themselves, use hand sanitizer or wear gloves prior to handing utensils to prevent the spread of communicable disease, especially COVID-19. Close observation is necessary.