Smokehouse Cafe

South Lineville – Routine inspection conducted on 07-24-2018.


  1. Cooked brisket in walk-in cooler and prep cooler not date-marked. Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous foods shall be marked with a seven-day discard date and kept at 41°F or below. Corrected during inspection.


  1. Clutter around hand sink. Hand sink shall be easily accessible. Corrected during inspection.
  2. Gaps around screen door in kitchen. Outer openings shall be protected and sealed to protect against rodents and pests.
  3. Floor damaged in walk-in cooler. Physical facilities and equipment shall be maintained in good repair.
  4. Splash areas of soda dispenser are in need of cleaning. Non-food contact surfaces shall be clean to sight and touch.
  5. Plastic containers are wet-nesting. Containers shall be completely air-dried prior to stacking. Corrected during inspection.