Hometown Cafe

Routine inspection conducted on 03-31-2021.


  1. Employees are not washing their hands. Hands shall be washed between tasks, before donning gloves, after touching themselves or others, and according to the 2013 Missouri Food Code.
  2. Cut lettuce/sliced tomatoes are at 50.2°F, items in red cooler are 65.6° Potentially hazardous cold foods shall be kept at 41.0°F or below. Corrected during inspection.
  3. Food spillage in Maytag, debris in freezer and spillage in “Amy” refrigerator, food (hash browns) spilled in and large amount of frost buildup in small chest freezer, upright freezer has frost buildup, food spillage and debris in bottom of steam table. Food contact surfaces shall be washed, rinsed, and sanitized as often as necessary to keep them clean.


  1. Cloth lunch bag stored in “Amy” refrigerator next to food items. Food items shall be protected from contamination. Corrected during inspection.
  2. Outer surfaces of stove (white) and hot water heater in need of cleaning. Entire outer areas of black stove/grill have copious amounts of grease, spillage, and debris. Non-food contact surfaces shall be clean to sight and touch.
  3. Floors dirty throughout, especially around and under appliances. Copious amounts of grease and debris in grill and fryer area on walls and floors (and the tray under fryers). Dirt and debris collecting in hard-to-access areas. Physical facilities shall be maintained in clean condition.
  4. Broken floor tiles in kitchen. Physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.
  5. Personal items stored with clean dishes. Personal items shall be stored separately. Corrected during inspection.
  6. Thermometers not visible in Maytag, “Amy” thermometer broken. Each cooling unit shall contain an accurate and visible thermometer. Corrected during inspection.
  7. Large trash can by ware-washing area is dirty, trash can by hand sink is overflowing. Trash receptacles shall be clean and maintained.
  8. Excessive clutter throughout. Only items necessary to the operation shall be present.