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Mercer County Health Department


The Mercer county Health Department offers family health services to all residents of Mercer County regardless of income level or age. Funding for the non-profit local public health agency comes from county tax income and through contracts from local, state, and federal sources.

The Mercer County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer providing employment opportunities to applicants, employees and clients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, nation origin, political belief, veteran status, or disability. You can read the full Non-Discrimination Statement HERE.

The Mercer County Health Department also uses E-Verify to verify employment eligibility.


Upcoming Events


  • Kaufman/Nicotine Urine Test

    A nicotine test can be done for the Kaufman Scholarship. A simple urine test is required so come prepared to give a sample. This test has been updated and will cost only $10 for the dipstick test. However, if a positive test comes out the girl does have to opportunity to have the lab sent onto laboratory. Private pay lab fee is $87. Payment is due upon service. Please make an appointment prior to coming in. Call 748-3630


  • Community Connection

    Sign up to get text messages about events and happenings in Mercer County. The Health Department will be using this to push out events. Sign up today at


  • Open Lab Day

    Our next open lab day will be Friday, Aug 14, from 8 - 10 am BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - due to COVID-19. No Dr. orders is needed for labs. We will bill insurance- if applicable for $5 office fee or price as listed: CBC $6.50, Lipid - $18.50, CMP- $10, TSH- $10.25, Hgb AIC - $19, PSA-$10.25
    Call 748 3630 for an appointment.


  • New Service Provided – IdentoGo

    We have contracted with Idemia to do Pre-Employment Back Ground Checks via IdentoGo. Passport Photos Instantly!


  • Passport Photos Available

    We can take your passport photo and print Immediately! Quick and Easy - No appointment necessary - Only takes a few minutes!


  • Shingrix Available

    We have received a limited supply of vaccine! Update you vaccinations today!
    Please check with insurance for coverage as this shot is expensive.


  • Office Open 5/12/20

    OFFICE OPEN – By appointment only
    Patient Procedure
     -Stay HOME if you are SICK.
     -Patients MUST wear a mask.
     -Only the person getting services
    will be allowed in procedure room.
     -Only one adult per child under 18 will be allowed with child for immunizations.
     -Birth certificates, lab draws, blood pressure checks and immunizations will be by appointment only.
     -WIC will continue to be conducted via phone thru May 31.
     -Calls with questions are welcome.

    Community Members are asked to continue to:

     -Stay HOME if you are SICK.
     -Practice social distancing – keep 6 feet apart from others.
     -Wear a mask when out in public.
     -Wash your hands often.
     -Practice healthy lifestyles:
     Maintain a healthy weight, get plenty of sleep.
     Eat right, exercise daily.
     Drink plenty of water.

    MCHD Staff will clean and sanitize between patients:
     -Front window will remain shut as much as possible.
     -Only a few masks at a time will be left out for public use if needed.
     -Hand sanitizer will be available.
     -Cleaning with disinfectant will be done to front lobby and door handles frequently.
     -Inside office doors will remain closed as much as possible to promote limited exposure to patients as much as possible.
     -Procedure room will be wiped down and sanitized after each patient contact.
     -Nurse/staff will wear mask during patient contact.
     -Staff will practice frequent hand washing.


  • Wash Your Hands And Wash then Often

    Protect yourself and others.


  • Back to School Shots

    Children entering Kindergarten, 8th and 12th Grade will need immunization before returning to school this Fall. Please plan ahead and make an appointment with us as Fall Clinics may be limited. 660-748-3630

  • August 14, 2020:

    Open Lab - by appointment : 8:00 am

  • August 26, 2020:

    Board Meeting : 6:00 pm

Full Calendar Here