Mercer County Health Department


The Mercer county Health Department offers family health services to all residents of Mercer County regardless of income level or age. Funding for the non-profit local public health agency comes from county tax income and through contracts from local, state, and federal sources.

The Mercer County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer providing employment opportunities to applicants, employees and clients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, nation origin, political belief, veteran status, or disability. You can read the full Non-Discrimination Statement HERE.

The Mercer County Health Department also uses E-Verify to verify employment eligibility.


Upcoming Events


  • Community Connection

    Sign up to get text messages about events and happenings in Mercer County. The Health Department will be using this to push out events. Sign up today at


  • Open Lab Day

    Starting in Nov. we will be offering open lab days one day per month. Our first day will be Friday, Feb 9 - from 8am-10am. No Dr. orders is needed for labs. We will bill insurance- if applicable for $5 office fee or price as listed: CBC $6.25, Lipid - $18.50, CMP- $10, TSH- $10, Hgb AIC - $18.50, PSA-$10


  • HPV Vaccine Available

    HPV vaccine is a vaccine recommended for your child starting at age 11. This is a three dose series and is available here in our office. Call us today with questions or to schedule your appointment - 660-748-3630!


  • Take Action to Prevent the Flu

    The flu is widespread. Take action in prevention by getting a yearly flu shot, avoiding contact with the sick, wash you hands often, cover your nose and mouth with tissue, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; clean and disinfect common areas. For more information about the flu visit:

  • January 18, 2018:

    WIC : N/A

  • January 25, 2018:

    WIC : N/A

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